Meet our Founder and CEO – Ioan Davies

Sometime in the not too distant past in a small village in South West Wales, UK a countryman and entrepreneur was born. Growing up he loved all things creative and as any Welshman knows being active and being outside was important. He started his career as an entrepreneur by attempting to sell whatever he could find to his neighbours and friends, whether it was the flowers out of the garden or his mother’s home baking, whatever he thought was good enough to sell he would try.

As he grew older, his tastes developed, he was introduced to photography and also rugby! He then set about hours at a time in the Welsh hills trying to capture that perfect shot, come rain or shine, up at the crack of dawn or back late at night, he was outside. When he wasn’t doing this you could find him either on the rugby pitch training and burning off that energy he has amassed or cheering on the local teams.

The countryside sparked a creative interest and desire in him, whether it was the wildlife, the landscapes or weather systems, it was capturing the raw emotion and unexpected sights that kept his interest. As his skills developed, he had the opportunity to take part in a traditional House build of Ty Unnos, which was shown live on S4C as well as take interior shots of this and other local projects, his work has been shown in The Guardian, Marie Clare amongst other publications.

His education took him between Somerset and Wales, where he continued with his photography and during this time, he began to become absorbed in typography, layouts, and logo design. From this he started taking pictures of different things, be it signs, magazine covers, Clocks, shops you name it, he took pictures of it. With this he began to put pen to paper doodling, playing with colours, shapes and words trying to evoke the emotions that he was able to so easily capture in his photography.

Even though Wales has a beautiful and stunning landscape, to push his passion and career forward he knew he had to move where he could progress himself further and that move came to follow his education and to Cambridge where he successfully completed his BA Hons in Graphic Design.  During his degree he completed small branding projects for local businesses and secured a permanent position at the local printers, where he was able to develop his design and also print knowledge. After a good grounding in this, he further went on to gain commercial, B2B and agency experience where he began to enhance his digital skills including, web, branding UX and social media, while continuing to educate himself on all things branding and design.

While working for other businesses he always found himself dreaming of creating a solid life for him and his family whereby the responsibility and accountability fell to him, to take action and offer the service he truly believed his customers needed; because of this he decided the time was right to start up his own branding agency called Mint Octopus and this allowed him to follow his true passion in helping others create their business through their brand supporting them as they need.

For now, not only is he busy growing his business and helping others to grow theirs but he has continued with his passion for rugby and is referring games across East Anglia, while enjoying quality time with his wife, their crazy dog and first child who is due in early 2019.

For any of you wondering how to say Ioan, the phonetic sounds should help (Yo-An).

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