Supporting our Charities

This year Mint Octopus has chosen to support and raise money for a charity close to their heart, Made by Dyslexia.

Made by Dyslexia was incorporated in May 2017 and they believe that ‘Dyslexic minds process information differently. Their divergent, lateral thinking has created some of the world’s greatest inventions, brands and art.’

Ioan Davies, Founder and CEO of Mint Octopus says “People with Dyslexia view the world differently and within our business we do the same, individuals who are dyslexic usually have greater skills in areas such as lateral thinking, practical abilities or being creative amongst others. Within our industry we tend to come across many individuals who have varying degrees of dyslexia and we have found that having a mixture of people in our team has helped to strengthen our offering to our clients. Without a diverse set of skills, capabilities and viewpoints our business and clients would suffer. This is why we chose to support The Made by Dyslexia charity which is led by successful dyslexics. As Dyslexia is still perceived as a disadvantage when in-fact having a different take on the world and processing information differently is an advantage to the individual and to the businesses they work alongside. In order to fully support dyslexia in the workplace we need to start early and this means starting young and giving children the support, they need at a time that they really need it is crucial to their development and success later in life.”

This is why giving back to young people and supporting them with their dyslexia is so important to our team. To help raise money and support this great charity, the team will be undertaking various charitable fundraising initiatives to support such a great cause.

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