Architectural & Interior Design Photoshoot

On 14th December 2018 the Mint Octopus team had the opportunity to yet again work alongside a long term client on an Architectural and Interior Design Photoshoot.

The photoshoot took place in the idyllic setting of West Wales, accompanied by a beautiful building, Ty Unnos. Built in 2009 as an authentic reconstruction of the legendary house built between Sunset and Sunrise (One night house) and as featured on S4C. The house presents a clever façade. On the outside the view is that of a traditional Welsh home, while once you open the door and step inside Ty Unnos, you find yourself in a combination of a very relaxed, simple Nordic influenced interior and traditional aspects.

Ioan Davies, Founder and CEO, Mint Octopus, says: “It has been great to be able to get back behind the camera for my long term client. Especially on a house that I helped to build back in 2009. I enjoy these photoshoots as there is always something unique and out of the ordinary to capture. It is about bringing to life the past and capturing the architectural beauty and essence of the building. After much planning and hard work we have been able to make this photoshoot a success and it makes me proud to work with my team and accomplish a great set of images for a very happy client.”

Previous photographs taken by Ioan Davies on architectural and Interior Design have been shown in publications such as: Marie Claire Magazine, The Guardian, The world of Interiors amongst others.

Some photographs from the project can be found here



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