Why is branding important and how can a branding agency help?

A brand is the face of your company. It presents who you are as a business to the world. Strong branding gives you an edge over your competitors. It drives new business and helps to establish a loyal client base.

Your brand should be memorable and communicate exactly what clients can expect from you. It should build a perception that the services or the products you offer are high quality and fulfill a need. A strong brand distinguishes your company from its competitors by clarifying why they should choose you by establishing you as the experts in your industry.

In order to create a clear, strong brand all your marketing must be congruent. Every touch point you have with your clients and employees must communicate a consistent message. This includes your website, social media communications, logo design, photography and written communications. Your company logo is a key element in brand consistency and it needs to be integrated into all your business communications.

Brand loyalty
Branding builds trust through familiarity. Most people prefer to buy products or services from reputed brands rather than from unknown companies. They become emotionally attached to familiar brands and can see them as part of their self-image – think about mobile phones and high-fashion trainers. People are also loyal to brands because they feel ‘safe’ in the knowledge that they won’t be disappointed.

If you have a well-established brand this helps people to refer your services or products to others because they will more easily remember where it was from. Brand identity is a very effective way of spreading good news about your business. People have so many opportunities to share their experiences of brands through social media, review websites and face-to-face interactions.

Internal promotion
Employee satisfaction is also affected by branding. Employees feel a sense of pride when they work for a company that has an established reputation with the public, and they feel a greater sense of pride and fulfillment in their work. Motivated employees are not only more productive but will generate support for your brand in the wider community by talking positively about their place of work with others.

Why it’s important to use branding agency services
A reputable branding agency will be a partner in your business. They will develop an understanding of your business goals and objectives and capture your company’s core principle (or ‘brand promise’) by working closely with you. They will identify the benefits and features of your products or services, the qualities you would like to be associated with your brand, and they will find out what people already think about your company.

The agency will work hard to get to know your particular industry and how your competitors market themselves. They will discuss with you the best way to communicate with your clients so that you stand out from your competitors, establishing a strong identity for your company, and providing you with a branding strategy to enable your brand to grow. This is the foundation for creating all the designs, images and communications with your clients.

Their role is to plan, create, manage and maintain your brand. They work with you to connect with people in the most effective way. They will continually measure the impact your branding strategy is having in generating new business, keeping clients coming back, and how it is affecting employees’ perceptions.

Do you need a brand?
Branding is integral for business growth and having a professional brand specialist on board will strengthen your business. At Mint Octopus we help companies to develop their brands from scratch, as well as those who want to refresh their existing brand.

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